Company Profile

Emerald Plantation was a new company formed to receive substantially all of the assets, including its subsidiaries, of Sino-Forest Corporation following the implementation of the CCAA Plan of Compromise and Reorganization on 30 January 2013 as approved by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on 10 December 2012.


Emerald Plantation’s mission is to profitably supply quality wood and wood-based products to developers and retail customers in China.


Emerald Plantation operates and manages plantations and downstream manufacturing operations across China.


We are well positioned to create and reap value from China’s vast wood product industry and markets. The enormous population and fast-growing economy and middle class in China are creating strong demand for industrial, commercial and residential wood-based products.


Emerald Plantation’s Operations


In order to serve China’s various wood-based industries, Emerald Plantation provides quality wood fibre and value-added engineered products along the wood product supply chain.